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Our boutique photo studio is  currently located in Deltona,Florida and is by appointment only, this allows us to always be clean , neat and organized for our special newborns. Our boutique studio also photograph's Wedding,Maternity, Family and Senior Session's. We do cater to the  Debary,Orange City,Deland,Daytona Beach area's but since we are located in Central Florida  we would love to assist you with all of your photography needs!

Who is Michelle Flowers? Michelle is a wife,mother,partner and a grandmother to her family. I love to make people smile and laugh even at making me look silly! Laugher seems to naturally break down barriers and walls quickly and we can become friends easily! Being surrounded by children all of my life with having six siblings, it was natural for me to love children, so there is where my passion lies. I love the children love with open hearts and are so true to their feelings. I love being able to capture this when I am photographing them.

How did I get interested in photography? I loved photography back in High School but it wasnt until the last ten years after purchasing a Nikon D80 that I could never put down. I started taking community courses on photography and I continue to study in classes, workshops and on-line courses. There are so many resources we can tap into via the internet these days to keep us update with trends and technology. 

I love giving back to our local community especially to other's that may not be able to afford to give their little ones nice photo's and during the holiday ,Michelle Flowers Photography always donates her time to families who may not be able to afford a photographer to capture their little ones photograph's and it is a wonderful time of the year to do this as once they get their pictures they are able to share them with everyone including making the pictures as a special gift to their family members.




Orlando Baby Photographer | Michelle Flowers Photography

May 05, 2015  •  9 Comments

Discover what a custom Baby Photographer from Michelle Flowers Photography  can capture during their specialty session that is tailored for those clients that are seeking unique , creative and one of a kind baby and children session's located in the Orlando, Florida area.

Baby Alayna came into the Studio to celebrate her ONE YEAR smash the cake session and as always we  capture at least 2 formal portraits on the little ones. Its our tradition, it is what sets us apart from all of the rest!

We are about ensuring our clients not only go home with the adorable smash the cake pictures but the formal portrait because they just graduated from "newborn" to toddler!!

Michelle Flowers Photography is always  offering Maternity, Newborn and Children Session's in the Orlando area! Starting we are in the process of making  arrangements  to have access to a private and beautiful studio in Downtown Orlando, Florida so that our local residents are nearby and travel will be very accommodating! Orlando Baby Photographer Michelle Flowers photographyOrlando Baby Photographer Michelle Flowers photography

Orlando Baby Photographer Michell Flowers photography 1Orlando Baby Photographer Michell Flowers photography 1

We love watching our newborn babies go from a adorable tiny little newborn to a unsteady walking little toddler who now have two or three little teeth, they giggle and laugh so beautifully!!

Contact us at  Our email address is  Our phone is 386-804-4852 in Central Florida ! We love to schedule a session in the Studio or on location in any of the Orlando or surrounding area's!!









Childrens Photographer Daytona Beach | Baby K

February 12, 2015  •  14 Comments

I had the opportunity to attend a newborn workshop just this past week.

It is where I had the pleasure of meeting Baby K and photograph her! I have to say she was one of the sweetest and adorable newborn I have ever had the pleasure to capture!

Baby K was only 5 days old and she is going to be the little princes of her household~~ as she is now the only female sibling in her household of  older  brother's...... my question is how long will it take her before she wraps everyone around her tiny little fingers???

Answer: Not long at all!!

I would like to give a huge Thank You to Danielle Becker Photography who was the Newborn Photographer that  held the workshop! A very big shout out to Simply Sweet Photography Sueann who allowed the workshop to be held in her beautiful home!!

I have to admit I was very excited and nervous about attending my first newborn workshop! After spending about ten minutes or so  with the other attendee's and Danielle,  I felt very comfortable as everyone was so polite and excited about being  there to learn!!

I learned so much from all of the hands on advice and direction from Danielle, it is invaluable with what I walked away with!

So here is Baby K debut as our Newborn Model!

Daytona Beach Photographer Michelle Flowers Photography 8111edDaytona Beach Photographer Michelle Flowers Photography 8111ed MF1_8117edMF1_8117ed MF1_8141edMF1_8141ed MF1_8172edMF1_8172ed





Daytona Beach Photographer - Samira | Michelle Flowers Photography

January 29, 2015  •  17 Comments

I love what I do !!!!  There are no other words to express how much I enjoy spending the day with a newborn and her Mommy! Samira was amazing little 7 day old! Even before Samira newborn session was scheduled her Mommy had so many questions and concerns for her unborn child . Things like what could she expect the day of the session , what could she do or bring to make the session go smoother and if she could possibly bring something very special that had great "meaning" to her newborn that it was important to capture a nice photograph with her daughter with it.

Samira arrived on time and because of the great questions her Mommy had and put into place Samira had a very easy transition going from the car ride into the newborn studio. Samira slept through 90% of he photo session and she was not disturbed at all during outfit changes or background changes!

Thank you so much for Samira's Mommy for making sure her photo sesson was a success! I do love newborn's and I love what I do!!


MF1_7307edfinalMF1_7307edfinal MF1_7305edfinalMF1_7305edfinal

We love to talk to you to schedule your newborn photography session so feel free to email us at or visit us at or call us at 386-804-4852


Daytona Beach Photographer Daytona Beach Newborn Photographer Deltona Photographer Deltona Newborn Photographer Sanford Photographer Debary Photographer

Children Photography in Daytona Beach Fl | Newborn Sammi | Michelle Flowers Photography

January 15, 2015  •  13 Comments


I had the sweetest opportunity to meet with little Miss Sammi who already is  a sassy little newborn who has everyone wrapped around her little finger  and quite the little diva according to Mommy. Sammi is the first child to her Mommy but she is the first for her immediate family who all have decided she should be always in the arms of her loved ones and the older  the person, the longer Miss Sammi stays in their arms. It is quite the ritual is what I heard.

Sammi decided she was not going to miss anything while doing her photo session, she was very in tuned with the new surroundings and new sounds! She wanted to see everything. I just loved the way she would look straight at me with her adorable little chubby cheeks and those beautiful brown eye! Yikes she was trying to wrap me around her finger....

baby child family chidren photo sessionsDaytona Beach Children Photographer Michelle FlowersNewborn photography with Sammi

family children baby studio photo sessionChildren Newborn Photography in Daytona Beach Fl Michelle Flowers PhotographyNewborn Sammi in Daytona Beach Fl props baby child photo session


Children Photogaphy in Daytona Beach Fl | Newborn Bella| Michelle Flowers Photography

January 08, 2015  •  19 Comments

There is nothing more  beautiful than a sleeping newborn and then step it up and a artistic twirl to the photo. The end result is a custom portrait for her family to cherish for a lifetime.

Children Photography in Daytona Beach Fl | Michelle Flowers Photography AMF_0328Children Photography in Daytona Beach Fl | Michelle Flowers Photography AMF_0328Custom Newborn Portrait Make sure you visit us on Google at

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