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Baby Alayna came into the Studio to celebrate her ONE YEAR smash the cake session and as always we  capture at least 2 formal portraits on the little ones. Its our tradition, it is what sets us apart from all of the rest!

We are about ensuring our clients not only go home with the adorable smash the cake pictures but the formal portrait because they just graduated from "newborn" to toddler!!

Michelle Flowers Photography is always  offering Maternity, Newborn and Children Session's in the Orlando area! Starting we are in the process of making  arrangements  to have access to a private and beautiful studio in Downtown Orlando, Florida so that our local residents are nearby and travel will be very accommodating! Orlando Baby Photographer Michelle Flowers photographyOrlando Baby Photographer Michelle Flowers photography

Orlando Baby Photographer Michell Flowers photography 1Orlando Baby Photographer Michell Flowers photography 1

We love watching our newborn babies go from a adorable tiny little newborn to a unsteady walking little toddler who now have two or three little teeth, they giggle and laugh so beautifully!!

Contact us at www.mflowers2400.zenfolio.com  Our email address is mflowers2400@yahoo.com  Our phone is 386-804-4852 in Central Florida ! We love to schedule a session in the Studio or on location in any of the Orlando or surrounding area's!!









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Childrens Photographer Daytona Beach | Baby K https://mflowers2400.zenfolio.com/blog/2015/2/childrens-photographer-daytona-beach-baby-k I had the opportunity to attend a newborn workshop just this past week.

It is where I had the pleasure of meeting Baby K and photograph her! I have to say she was one of the sweetest and adorable newborn I have ever had the pleasure to capture!

Baby K was only 5 days old and she is going to be the little princes of her household~~ as she is now the only female sibling in her household of  older  brother's...... my question is how long will it take her before she wraps everyone around her tiny little fingers???

Answer: Not long at all!!

I would like to give a huge Thank You to Danielle Becker Photography who was the Newborn Photographer that  held the workshop! A very big shout out to Simply Sweet Photography Sueann who allowed the workshop to be held in her beautiful home!!

I have to admit I was very excited and nervous about attending my first newborn workshop! After spending about ten minutes or so  with the other attendee's and Danielle,  I felt very comfortable as everyone was so polite and excited about being  there to learn!!

I learned so much from all of the hands on advice and direction from Danielle, it is invaluable with what I walked away with!

So here is Baby K debut as our Newborn Model!

Daytona Beach Photographer Michelle Flowers Photography 8111edDaytona Beach Photographer Michelle Flowers Photography 8111ed MF1_8117edMF1_8117ed MF1_8141edMF1_8141ed MF1_8172edMF1_8172ed





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Daytona Beach Photographer - Samira | Michelle Flowers Photography https://mflowers2400.zenfolio.com/blog/2015/1/daytona-beach-photographer---samira-michelle-flowers-photography I love what I do !!!!  There are no other words to express how much I enjoy spending the day with a newborn and her Mommy! Samira was amazing little 7 day old! Even before Samira newborn session was scheduled her Mommy had so many questions and concerns for her unborn child . Things like what could she expect the day of the session , what could she do or bring to make the session go smoother and if she could possibly bring something very special that had great "meaning" to her newborn that it was important to capture a nice photograph with her daughter with it.

Samira arrived on time and because of the great questions her Mommy had and put into place Samira had a very easy transition going from the car ride into the newborn studio. Samira slept through 90% of he photo session and she was not disturbed at all during outfit changes or background changes!

Thank you so much for Samira's Mommy for making sure her photo sesson was a success! I do love newborn's and I love what I do!!


MF1_7307edfinalMF1_7307edfinal MF1_7305edfinalMF1_7305edfinal

We love to talk to you to schedule your newborn photography session so feel free to email us at mflowers2400@yahoo.com or visit us at http://michelleflowersphotography.com or call us at 386-804-4852


Daytona Beach Photographer Daytona Beach Newborn Photographer Deltona Photographer Deltona Newborn Photographer Sanford Photographer Debary Photographer

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Children Photography in Daytona Beach Fl | Newborn Sammi | Michelle Flowers Photography https://mflowers2400.zenfolio.com/blog/2015/1/children-photography-in-daytona-beach-fl-newborn-sammi-michelle-flowers-photography  

I had the sweetest opportunity to meet with little Miss Sammi who already is  a sassy little newborn who has everyone wrapped around her little finger  and quite the little diva according to Mommy. Sammi is the first child to her Mommy but she is the first for her immediate family who all have decided she should be always in the arms of her loved ones and the older  the person, the longer Miss Sammi stays in their arms. It is quite the ritual is what I heard.

Sammi decided she was not going to miss anything while doing her photo session, she was very in tuned with the new surroundings and new sounds! She wanted to see everything. I just loved the way she would look straight at me with her adorable little chubby cheeks and those beautiful brown eye! Yikes she was trying to wrap me around her finger....

baby child family chidren photo sessionsDaytona Beach Children Photographer Michelle FlowersNewborn photography with Sammi

family children baby studio photo sessionChildren Newborn Photography in Daytona Beach Fl Michelle Flowers PhotographyNewborn Sammi in Daytona Beach Fl props baby child photo session


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Children Photogaphy in Daytona Beach Fl | Newborn Bella| Michelle Flowers Photography https://mflowers2400.zenfolio.com/blog/2015/1/children-photogaphy-in-daytona-beach-fl-newborn-bella-michelle-flowers-photography There is nothing more  beautiful than a sleeping newborn and then step it up and a artistic twirl to the photo. The end result is a custom portrait for her family to cherish for a lifetime.

Children Photography in Daytona Beach Fl | Michelle Flowers Photography AMF_0328Children Photography in Daytona Beach Fl | Michelle Flowers Photography AMF_0328Custom Newborn Portrait Make sure you visit us on Google at www.google.com/+michelleflowersphotography

michelleflowersphotography@yahoo.com (Michelle Flowers Photography) beach child creative daytona debary deltona fl florida newborn photographer wedding https://mflowers2400.zenfolio.com/blog/2015/1/children-photogaphy-in-daytona-beach-fl-newborn-bella-michelle-flowers-photography Fri, 09 Jan 2015 01:53:54 GMT
Father Lopez High School Senior Daytona Beach| Michelle Flowers Photography https://mflowers2400.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/12/father-lopez-high-school-senior-daytona-beach-michelle-flowers-photography I had the great pleasure to meet Rachel who is a senior at Father Lopez High School . Rachel is  such a talented, beautiful and unique individual! Rachel is no ordinary young lady, she has  a vision, goals and her own style. She knows what she likes and knows how to communicate clearly and concisely!

I met with Rachel a week before our session so we can discuss her high senior session and what she was looking to gain from this experience. Meeting Rachel was very instrumental in the direction of her senior session. Of course we both agreed that we would be able to capture some natural photo's of her in a charming and gentle atmosphere but at the same time she wanted very precise style of high key photography with senior session also. Rachel was very helpful giving us some great idea's for her session but I think it was only when we were wrapping things up did the real vision and dreams come alive.

Rachel works on the Senior Year book and she is also very interested in Photography so she wanted something unique and true to her vision. I was very honored and interested in assisting Rachel with making sure her one very special flour shot would come to life!

MICHELLE FLOWERS PHOTOGRAPHYFATHER LOPEZ HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR DAYTONA BEACH RACHELHIGH SCHOOL SENIOR PICTURES AMF_0604edRachel Father Lopez High Senior Daytona Beach flSenior Pictures Highschool Michelle Flowers Photography AMF_0771EDRachel High School Senior Pictures at Father Lopez High School Daytona BeachRachel High School Senior Pictures AMF_0938edbwFather Lopez High School Senior Pictures with Style and Unique Unique High School Pictures we had such a great time during our session with both Studio and Outdoor Location. Check Rachel out with her camera! AMF_0889EDAMF_0889ED

michelleflowersphotography@yahoo.com (Michelle Flowers Photography) beach central daytona debary deltona florida high photographer school senior session https://mflowers2400.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/12/father-lopez-high-school-senior-daytona-beach-michelle-flowers-photography Wed, 31 Dec 2014 02:37:05 GMT
Maternity Photographer in Daytona Beach Rachel | Michelle Flowers Photography https://mflowers2400.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/11/maternity-photographer-in-daytona-beach-rachel-michelle-flowers-photography I was first introduced to Rachel when she just found out she was expecting, but she did not know that I was a photographer at that time. Later on during her pregnancy , actually it was at her baby shower I mentioned to Rachel is she had considered doing a Maternity Session to document this very special time. Rachel, stated she had considered it but because she was shy in front of the camera she wasnt really sure if this was the right thing for her to do and she does not consider herself a "model" or that perfect  shape ! 

I could tell Rachel was very interested in a Maternity Session so I continued our conversation later on after most of the guest had departed. I explained to Rachel that as a Professional Maternity Photographer there are various things that we can do in the studio that will help us get the beautiful photo's of the Mommies to be just by ensuring they are wearing the proper outfits which mostly are already in our possession and how we have her pose herself that will assist in how we photograph her to ensure we are getting the best outcome possible.

The next topic was one that is asked by almost every Mommy that comes to our studio.

That question is ...... what about the unwanted blemishes / stretch marks or dark veins that are showing on my belly, I just dont want those to be included in the picture bc they are so ugly . I was able to explain to Rachel, there are several things that we can do to reduce the amount of unwanted skin blemishes that can appear on her belly and during production and post production these blemishes will be addressed.

Rachel seemed thrilled after spending some time talking and reassured  that all of the question's were answered in a professional manner. She was invited to the Studio for a walk thru to showed around and enjoyed her visit! 

Rachel, was very nervous and shy for the first ten minutes, after that we broke ground with lots of laughs and giggling that she finally started to relax and enjoy the moment! Here is the final results of her Maternity Session! We can wait til her little one arrives in December!

michelleflowersphotography@yahoo.com (Michelle Flowers Photography) beach child daytona deland deltona fl maternity newborn orlando photographer photography wedding winter https://mflowers2400.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/11/maternity-photographer-in-daytona-beach-rachel-michelle-flowers-photography Thu, 06 Nov 2014 23:19:52 GMT
Adorable Newborn Baby Photography Session| Daytona Beach Photographer https://mflowers2400.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/10/adorable-newborn-baby-photography-session-daytona-beach-photographer I am about to explode because she has got to be the most relaxed and sweet little newborn any photographer can ask for!! At 14 days old she still a cuddly little sweetie pie with that freshly newborn smell to her! I swear when no one was looking a sneaked a little kiss to her forehead and cheeks! I later confessed what I did to her Mommy, all she could do was giggle telling me how funny I was! 

Can you say Adorable one more time! I am in love with this adorable little one, she has the most adorable chubby cheeks ! She also knew when to smile so big for the camera too........ just when I put the camera down to move her or change a headband ...... Bam she gave me the cutest smiles ever! 

I did capture a few smiles from her though that her Mommy is just going to love!


Michelle Flowers PhotographyDaytona Beach Newborn Photo SessionAdorable baby love those cheeks!

michelleflowersphotography@yahoo.com (Michelle Flowers Photography) central child debary deltona fl florida photographer wedding https://mflowers2400.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/10/adorable-newborn-baby-photography-session-daytona-beach-photographer Wed, 22 Oct 2014 02:05:40 GMT
Newborn Emilia Pictures | Daytona Beach Photographer Michelle Flowers https://mflowers2400.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/10/newborn-emilia-pictures-daytona-beach-photographer-michelle-flowers This little newborn was a little tired flying around the purple garden and needed some rest, she came up a little opening in the field and laid her little head down for a quick nap. It was'nt long before she gently awoke and decided she was hungry, crying softly, her Mommy keen to her soft cries , swooped down and scooped up her little newbornand carried  her away for some feeding and cuddling  time.  Emilia had such a wonderful newborn session at the Deltona studio. We had such a fun and adorable time changing her into some cute headbands and tutu's! Here is a sneak peak from our session!


She does make a beautiful little butterfly? Dont you agree !

Make sure to visit our Website at www.mflowers2400.zenfolio

or feel free to contact me anytime at 386-804-4852 ask me how to book a Maternity, Newborn or Family session.

michelleflowersphotography@yahoo.com (Michelle Flowers Photography) deltona florida orlando photography wedding https://mflowers2400.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/10/newborn-emilia-pictures-daytona-beach-photographer-michelle-flowers Tue, 14 Oct 2014 23:44:41 GMT
Debary Newborn Photographer|Michelle Flowers Photography https://mflowers2400.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/8/debary-newborn-photographer-michelle-flowers-photography Could my job get any better? I recently had the privilege of shooting this gorgeous  5 day new little man and the shoot could'nt have gone any better. This little man does belong to my family in a round about way, and since a family member is always someone near and dear to my heart, we lets just say it meant so much to me to be the first to photograph his first newborn portrait. I can not say I did this alone because much of time Mommy and Grandma was right by my side assisting, hands on and very , very helpful! I would'nt have had it any other way. We had the greatest time with lots of laughter and lots of beautiful photograph's were taken!

To see the rest of the photo's from the session , make sure you visit our website at www.mflowers2400.zenfolio.com


I was surrounded by friends and family most of time , and one moment in particular made we realize we had too many in the studio when I was able to look behind me , and I had a audience of everyone just quietly watching me settle Noah into place, whew did that make me nervous for about a minute or two!! I then coaxed  Grandpa and Dad back outside for some summer fun fishing right outside my back doorstep! This way i could stay focus on wrapping our session up, then we could all go out to dinner together and talk about the adorable pictures we captured during our session!! 

Noah does have many sweet photograph's from his session but here is a couple that I can't help but smile when I see it!!

deltona wedding newborn family child photographer central florida daytona beachDebary newborn | Michelle Flowers photography Sweet Noah Debary deltona deland daytona beach central florida wedding newborn family  baby maternity photographer Family photo session| Michelle Flowers PhotographyCongratulations to this perfect family maternity,newborn,wedding,deltona,deland,daytona beach,fl,central floridaDebary, Fl newborn | Michelle Flowers PhotographyNewborn Noah 5 days new Visit our website at http://www.mflowers2400.zenfolio.com 


michelleflowersphotography@yahoo.com (Michelle Flowers Photography) Baby Central Child City Debary Deland Deltona Family Maternity Newborn Orange Wedding florida lake mary photographer springs studio winter https://mflowers2400.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/8/debary-newborn-photographer-michelle-flowers-photography Mon, 18 Aug 2014 14:20:29 GMT
Deltona Maternity Photo Session Eva |Michelle Flowers Photography https://mflowers2400.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/8/deltona-maternity-photo-session-eva-michelle-flowers-photography This was one of the most fun and relaxing Maternity Sessions that I was able to partake along side the beautiful Mommy-to-be Eva. Even though she is 32 weeks along , she is radiant, glowing and still has a beautiful figure! Eva is very excited about this pregnancy as she already has two very sweet and beautiful young ladies at home with her! It is always sweet to announce that this little Momma is going to add a little boy to this family!! Needless to say, everyone in this household is excited about his upcoming arrival!!

I am sure his big sister's are going to be delighted to dress him up and have many play dates to keep him busy!! 

Eva, wanted to keep her Maternity Session simple, classic and elegant. We choose a classic white theme along with white maternity wraps to ensure we were able to capture her beautiful growing baby bump. We also wanted to give her a few other options then showing us the belly to the camera picture so we hope you love this picture as much as we do! Is'nt she lovely? we think so! MF1_4799edprophotoMichelle Flowers Photography F1_4799edprophotoMaternity session

michelleflowersphotography@yahoo.com (Michelle Flowers Photography) central child debary event family orlando photography wedding https://mflowers2400.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/8/deltona-maternity-photo-session-eva-michelle-flowers-photography Thu, 14 Aug 2014 22:08:33 GMT
Maternity Session Victoria | Michelle Flowers Photography https://mflowers2400.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/7/maternity-session-victoria-michelle-flowers-photography Maternity Sessions are amazing when you have such a charming and beautiful glowing  Mommy to be!! I met Victoria in Lake Mary /Heathrow in community center. We were able to spend an hour at lunch talking about our Maternity Session and what we wanted to achieve. Victoria and I really communicated quite well right from the start , after that I have to say we connected and it was a pleasure to photograph this very special moment for her.

Victoria is going to be a sweet, gentle loving Mommy. You can tell just by the way she speaks about Razvic !

What they say about about a woman-with-child's glow is absolutely true , you know. If you want proof, check out this picture of Victoria from our recent maternity session. Just Stunning!! Victoria is 30 weeks along and is expecting a little baby boy!! I cant wait to meet him!!


_-8edfinalDeltona photographer Michelle Flowers photographymommy to be maternity session _-53edprophotoDeltona Maternity Session Michelle Flowers photographyExpecting Mommy to be _-17edBeautiful Expecting Mommy with Michelle Flowers PhotographyBoutique Studio for Maternity Sessions Deltona Fl

michelleflowersphotography@yahoo.com (Michelle Flowers Photography) beach central florida orlando photography wedding https://mflowers2400.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/7/maternity-session-victoria-michelle-flowers-photography Thu, 24 Jul 2014 02:54:20 GMT
Newborn Jeffrey | Michelle Flowers Photography Deltona Florida https://mflowers2400.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/7/newborn-jeffrey-michelle-flowers-photography-deltona-florida A little gentleman was in the Studio and  oh my he was so sweet and cuddly! I just loved every moment with this little guy, he didnt mind being held or cuddled ! He was such a good little eater too, it was amazing  that he was able to curl up and show me some cute wrinkles! Jeffrey was a big little guy when he was born but we were still able to get these little pants on!! I loved the way his parents were so amazing with him. He is one of the lucky little boys that have parents that will move mountains for their little man. His parents little in the Debary Florida area so I have a little feeling we may be seeing Jeffrey soon again since our Photo Studio is located in Deltona not far from his home! Jeffrey has the cutest little newborn room with such a beautiful crib and matching furniture, but what I loved the most about his room is his Theme!! You will just have to wait for the next Blog to see his Lifestyle pictures from home!! Deltona Newborn Photographer | Michelle Flowers PhotographyDeltona Newborn Photographer | Michelle Flowers PhotographyA little gentleman in the Studio today..... isnt he handsome

michelleflowersphotography@yahoo.com (Michelle Flowers Photography) central deltona newborn orlando photographer wedding https://mflowers2400.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/7/newborn-jeffrey-michelle-flowers-photography-deltona-florida Thu, 03 Jul 2014 02:08:27 GMT
Featured Photographer Sarah Sweetman https://mflowers2400.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/5/featured-photographer-sarah-sweetman I had the priviledge to interview  a very talented and creative photographer . Sarah specializes in newborn photography and her work is just stunning. Her business name is Sarah Sweetman Photography and  she is  located in Woodinville, WA .  I was very excited about getting to learn about this wonderful person and great photographer. I have been selected to do a featured story on Sarah and I was very excited about learning more about her and her photography because I have been visiting her website for months and I just  love all of her photo's!  Please take  a moment to visit her website at www.sarahsweetman.com  and take a look at the beautiful images of newborn and families. I had a number of questions for Sarah for my feature  interview and this is what she had to say!

Here are the questions I have given Sarah to answer :

1.    Who are you? Where are you located? Where are you from?

My name is Sarah Sweetman.  I am located in Woodinville WA but am originally from Auckland, New Zealand.  We lived to the States in 2008.  I am married to the love of my life Steve and have 2 amazing kids,Caleb and Brianna and 3 beagles.


2.. How did you get into photography? What inspired you to move into Newborn Photography?

I originally trained as an elementary school teacher.  I have always been interested in photography and spent my time documenting everything that went on in my school.  Once I had kids of my own, my passion grew and I attended courses and when both kids were in full day school, I began my photography business.


3.What inspires you as a photographer or do you have a mentor or someone to go to for guidance or advise?

I am inspired by fellow photographers – I am lucky to have found many friends in this industry – we encourage and push each other to do better.  My advice is to find local photographers and become friends with them – not to steal their clients or copy them, but to make the industry better.


4.Were there any classes, books or workshops that helped you in the beginning?

I attended classes gaining my diploma in photography, and than have worked alongside local photographers I admire.  I do ongoing studies to learn new photography techniques, lighting tips and posing.


5. What is your proudest moment so far? What do you want you clients to know about you?

I would have to say my proudest moments are simple – when a family looks at their images and shed a happy tear that I have captured their family as “them” – that I recorded a moment in time that is so special, recorded their love for generations to come to see.


6. What tips do you share with your new Mom's on how to prepare for their newborn photo session?

I tell new moms to come prepared with loads of milk and to expect to do more feedings than normal  J  I also tell them to try and relax during the session – to let me be their helpmate as I am taking the baby’s photos.   My newborn sessions can be up to 4 hours, so I remind them also to bring a book – or a pillow 


7. What are you goals for the next 12 months? How has your photography changed in the last 12 months?

My goals are to do the best job for each of my clients – to be known in my area as a photographer that is fun and fresh, but also that works with integrity and is safe.  I think both sides are very important – especially when working with such new babies.

Branagh -60Branagh -60 c-77xc-77x beccabecca sarah sweetman photographysarah sweetman photography SSp ishanSSp ishan gaizkagaizka



Make sure you take a moment and visit Sarah website, show her some love and leave comments especially when a photo really catches your emotion and makes you say Ahhhh or Oh how beautiful ! There is nothing better than reading your words that you leave behind for her to know that she made your heart smile! 


If you happen to be in the Woodinville , Wa area and you are in need of a professional photographer please give her  a call! I have all of her information listed below!!



Sarah Sweetman Photographer

email sarah@sarahsweetman.com

Phone: 425-894-3102







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Amazing Newborn Mini Session|Daytona Beach Baby Photographer https://mflowers2400.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/5/amazing-newborn-mini-session From the very start this sweet little girl was just amazing. She was comfortable, relaxed and just fell right into the routine of being photographed. She was such a sweet little angel that only required just a little warmth of a blanket and soft cuddle every once in a while. I knew right from the start this little girl was going to rock this session and here is a sneek peek ...........


Michelle Flowers Photography serves the Daytona Beach, Deltona,Deland,Sanford and Orange City communities including the Volusia and Seminole County area's.


How do I book a session??

PLease contact Michelle at 386-804-4852 or email her at mflowers2400@yahoo.com and make sure you visit our website so you may really check our photo's out at www.mflowers2400.zenfolio.com _-36edlogoweb_-36edlogoweb

michelleflowersphotography@yahoo.com (Michelle Flowers Photography) fl mini newborn orlando photographer session https://mflowers2400.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/5/amazing-newborn-mini-session Fri, 23 May 2014 02:20:00 GMT
A Newborn Photographer|Daytona Beach Photographer https://mflowers2400.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/5/a-newborn-photographer-daytona-beach-photographer Expectant Mommies .........  this Blog is just for you!! I wanted to share some inside information on what a Newborn Photographer is all about and why you may want to choose a custom newborn photographer that is local in your community such as the case with Michelle Flowers Photography LLC studio. We are located in Deltona, Florida and we are a private home boutique studio by appointment only! 

I think the most important thing is you are usually invited to a private local home studio or boutique that is by appointment only. Which means upon arrival you and your new bundle of joy are the only ones present and you are welcomed on a first named basis and with a huge smile and excitement to meet everyone who came along. The studio is always clean , neat and organized. The photographer has taken the time out to select backgrounds, blankets, unique clothing and headbands, crowns, jewelry,wraps and numerous other props that she has chosen for your custom photo session. This is unique and custom experience , not the everyday fast paced  and in/out Big Box Photo Chain.

Upon arrival you are surprised that you have a client waiting area where you are able to sit the car seat down with baby safely snuggled inside, all of your diaper bags and carrying bags for your bundle of joy is neatly put on a table. You simply glance around and cant help admiring all of the beautiful art work on the walls. You are pointed out to a neatly dressed table with snacks, drinks and reading material when you may find the need to snack on something because most Mommies who are breastfeeding need to keep up their calorie intake. 

_-73edliteDeltona newborn baby|Michelle Flowers PhotographyBaby first portrait

You are then shown the private custom changing room where you are  shown a diaper changing area, a crib or small bassinet to safely place your baby for safety purposes. You then look and amazed that there is a rocking chair to soothe the baby and small soft lullabies playing in the background. You can actually have a private moment to feed or nurse the baby when the time comes. Once the bundle of joy is fed and fast asleep the newborn photographer is ready to get to work. The photographer will take a moment and sanitize their hands one more time before she politely and loving cradles the newborn in her arms and carries the baby to the studio and placed on a newborn posing bed which has been set up hours ago and is warm and very, very soft and cozy , all the while Mommy is sitting comfortable in a relaxing chair or sofa nearby. It is at this point Mommy and maybe Daddy notices it is pretty warm in the studio , the photographer reminds the parents it is warm and comfortable for the newborn baby because the session is about the comfort and safety of the baby, it must be kept warm as babies do not regulate their body heat like adults do.

As the photographer gets to work with the camera in hand , the baby may wet or have a accident. This is a time for cleaning the mess, and yes we do expect that to happen all of the time and we are prepared.  Again we will sanitize our hands and then start changing backgrounds or outfits. We will always pause or wait for the newborn to be fed or nursed so that they can be comforted back to sleep. On some occasions the photographer may ask one of the parents for assistance to help hold a position on the baby, I find when I get the clients involved with assisting, it becomes part of a team work and gets them involved and excited about the photo's! Without a doubt the parents always know which one they helped with getting the shot and its is always included in their final package.  

We have more to tell you about your custom photography session but we will make it a second edition next week blog.

Michelle Flowers Photography specializes in Maternity,Newborn,Baby,Children,Family and Wedding Photography in the Volusia and Seminole County area's including Deltona,Debary,Orange City,Deland,Lake Mary, Heathrow,Sanford,Daytona Beach and  Ormond Beach, Florida. 

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Our email address is michelleflowersphotography@yahoo.com

michelleflowersphotography@yahoo.com (Michelle Flowers Photography) beach central daytona debary florida newborn orlando photographer photography wedding https://mflowers2400.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/5/a-newborn-photographer-daytona-beach-photographer Wed, 21 May 2014 03:27:15 GMT
Deltona newborn Isabella|Daytona Beach Baby Photographer https://mflowers2400.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/5/deltona-newborn-isabella-daytona-beach-baby-photographer Michelle Flowers Photography had the honor of capturing Isabella's first newborn portrait!!  This is a very special time of a newborn

because they are this little for just a very short time. We especially enjoyed being surrounded by  such loving and caring parents that little Miss Isabella does. She is 4 weeks new and such a sweet and active little thing. 

Isabella has such a curiosity about her already, and she really does not want to miss too much. Just when I thought she was sleeping she would open one little eye and giving me the look as if she  needed more snuggling by that nice lady photographer :)  and when her Mommy wasnt looking I was stealing a little kiss on her chubby little cheeks!  

Jessica and Vasi are local to our  area and it was such a pleasure to spend some time chatting and getting to know one another. It was quite the pleasure to see Vasi (daddy) be very accommodating to his wife as she had surgery just 4 weeks ago. It was so very sweet and tender to watch the both of them tend to Isabella when the diaper or feeding had to be done.

We have a full size studio that caters to Newborn Babies and their Mommies. We have a small and quiet sitting area for guest to look at our past clients photo's, magazine's on lifestyle living and always have drinks and snacks for everyone to enjoy especially. We love to book new clients from the Daytona Beach and Deltona,Orange City and Debary area's !!

Michelle Flowers Photography specializes in newborn, child,wedding,maternity,family,baby and event photography in Daytona Beach, Fl and surrounding area's including but not limited to Deltona,Sanford,Debary, Orange City , Volusia County and Central Florida. Deltona Newborn Photographer|Michelle Flowers Photography4 week old newborn Isabella

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Deltona Newborn Aubrey Michelle Flowers Photographer https://mflowers2400.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/4/deltona-newborn-aubrey-michelle-flowers-photographer Here is a little story I thought I would share with you...........  I received a phone when Aubrey was just a few hours old. Her Mommy had called me from the hospital to make arrangements for her to get her newborn pictures done asap becuase she knew she wanted those squishy adorable pictures that you only get when they are still so tiny!! 

Did you know that the best time to do a newborn session is when your baby is 7  to 14 days old. If you are having a baby soon, email me at michelleflowersphotography@yahoo.com and I can help you with other newborn tips to make your session a breeze!!


Michelle flowers photography Aubrey fav1ed prophotoMichelle flowers photography Aubrey fav1ed prophotoDeltona newborn photo session

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Birthday Smash the Cake Session Deltona Children Photographer Michelle Flowers https://mflowers2400.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/4/birthday-smash-the-cake-session-deltona-children-photographer-michelle-flowers Thrilled doesnt even begin to describe how amazing Aaliyah smash the cake session went! We all had such a great time

enjoying her adorable smiles, laughter and her silliness!!

Aaliyah was our little rockstar model and her Mommy had several outfits lined up for her special day!! Here is a special collage 

just to recap her photosession!! I absolutely loved the outfits and her special way she smashed her cake!!

Smash- Aaliyah FinalSmash- Aaliyah Final



michelleflowersphotography@yahoo.com (Michelle Flowers Photography) debary deltona florida newborn photographer photography wedding https://mflowers2400.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/4/birthday-smash-the-cake-session-deltona-children-photographer-michelle-flowers Fri, 25 Apr 2014 02:44:22 GMT
Family Photo Session Michelle Flowers Photography Heathrow Fla https://mflowers2400.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/4/family-photo-session-michelle-flowers-photography-heathrow-fla This is a sweet and special family photo from our photo session the  other day.

I like to introduce Mason to you. He is the beautiful child of Jessica and Josh. He is Deborah's grandson.  I love the way Mason's grandma Deborah does not hestitate to allow me to capture some very special moments between grandparent and grandchild. I know how special these photograph's are to Deborah as Mason lives very very far away from her.

I also know that one day Mason and his parents are going to cherish these photograph's!

As a grandparent myself and a photographer I sometimes forget to take the time out to be photographed with my own family, so this week I am going to make sure I make memories of me and my grandkids!!

So isnt it time to take a moment , make the call and capture this special moment with your loved ones!! I love this photo!! _-144ed_-144ed

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